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Martyn Burke

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Martyn Burke, book cover.

Martyn Burke, book cover.

Martyn Burke, bookcover.

Martyn Burke, portrait.

Event: Storytellers: Literature and Film

Bio: Martyn Burke has travelled the world and used his experiences in a wide variety of books, movies, and television films. A novelist and director/writer of both documentaries and dramatic films, he has traveled extensively from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon jungles, finding himself in the middle of wars, revolutions and movies.

Book: Music for Love and War, Cormorant Books

Synopsis: Danny, a Canadian sharp-shooter, and Hank, a soldier in the US Army, are in Los Angeles desperate to find the Hollywood psychic who will reveal the whereabouts of the women they love. Music for Love or War is a biting tragicomedy that entertains and informing as few other Canadian novels can.