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Insights offers periodic articles by Pages UnBound organizers specifically geared towards our inspiring audiences and participants.


Welcome to Pages UnBound’s fall programme.

Once again, we’re offering a series of literary events that go beyond mere readings into investigations of the creative spirit. What compels people to spend years writing novels or brilliant factual pieces?
We want to know — and we think you do, too.

At Pages UnBound, we feature interviews with our headlining writers. You can always read the books we pick for our series, but how often can you watch while informed poets, journalists and novelists ask their colleagues about their new works?

We love breaking down the barriers between the arts. Why should literature be shuffled off into a corner with a couple of bookshelves, a table and a librarian whispering “sshhh!” when you speak? The writers you’ll meet at Pages UnBound love music, sculpture, painting, sex, beach parties and other very necessary frivolities. After all, they’re writing about life, aren’t they?

Pages UnBound boldly presents a festival every spring and two literary series, one in the fall and the other in the winter. At the festival or the series, we present writers in congenial scenes that produce entertaining, thoughtful and engaging events. This fall, our lineup of writers will move from thoughts on the future to the past, from politics to art, from folkloric music to mock beach parties, from poetry to journalism to novels to investigative non-fiction.

Why not join us?

Marc Glassman
Artistic director, Pages UnBound