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What We Do

Pages Manifesto

There is much to celebrate in contemporary literature. Diverse voices—black, female, LGBT, indigenous and more—are being newly heard, and formal innovation abounds. Brilliant new writing from Canada and all over the world is telling new stories in innovative ways. It's an exciting time.

The 21st century is also witnessing a transformation in literature's relationship to other arts. Once the exclusive purview of the book, the field has expanded as artists have broken down disciplinary boundaries and redefined media. Rare is the writer who is just an author or who doesn't conceive of their art in relation to other media.

The result is that, in addition to great new books, literature is now open to film, music, theatre, photography, tweets, .gifs, lectures and beyond.

Pages UnBound is a response to this landscape. We're a festival and series dedicated to presenting and celebrating all the forms that literature now takes, inviting artist and audience alike to experience these creations from different angles and to explore the contemporary world through new lenses.

Every Pages UnBound event is a singular experience—part entertainment, part education. Whether it's a chamber play, a multimedia opera, a concert, a presentation or a sui generis creation, we work with artists to take their writing off the page into the immediacy of the moment.